What We Know About Gen Z So Far

They are fiscally conservative with a keen focus on investing and income. They have a heart for mission, and the drive to get it done. Monica Aldea is a Content Marketing Specialist with a deep love for writing. Monica started as an SEO copywriter working on landing pages for apartments for rent. She now writes educational blog articles and guides about advertising and marketing trends as part of the team at Creatopy. If they’re in your target market and if you want them to buy your products or services, you need to listen to them.

  • Collectively, only 23% of individuals from older generations reported the same feelings.
  • In much the same way that Gen Zers use social media as a means to curate their own per­son­al brand, they also look at their pur­chas­ing deci­sions as an expres­sion of their val­ues and iden­ti­ty.
  • They are more likely than past generations to desire an activist government.
  • As public schools focus on academics, males increasingly see them as irrelevant.
  • Moreover, they are joining the consumer market with their unique views on shopping and brand engagement in tow.
  • About three-in-ten (31%) say the effect on people their own age has been mostly positive, 24% say it’s been mostly negative, and 45% say it’s been neither positive nor negative.
  • 31% of young internet users are not afraid to share their sensitive data online.

Not only marketers but employers too should focus on inclusivity if they want to tap this future major workforce source. Demonstrate that as much as four out of ten people of this generation have been raised by a parent with higher education compared to 33% of Millennials who have had the same privilege. Work a total of 18 jobs across six careers in their lifetime and will more or less change 15 homes. 55% of the Gen Z population chooses eco-friendly and socially responsible brands. With time, Snapchat has evolved into a full-on social network that millions of people use daily, and statistics show that its rise has no intention of slowing down. As Generation Z statistics show, this generation accounts for 40% of all consumers.

General Generation Z Statistics

54% of the age group feels that influencer marketing is the most effective strategy. A brand that promotes gender equality in its ads is 77% more likely to attract the attention of a Gen Z customer. This means that they are more likely to purchase a product if a blogger recommends it. 61% of respondents would rather choose a brand that treats their personal information responsibly.

Many Gen Zers will soon be ineligible to remain on their parents’ health insurance, and they are concerned about how to pay for their own coverage. This issue is further exacerbated by the increase in the number of Gen Zers seeking mental health treatment—37%, according to the American Psychological Association. We built our own Gen Z segments using social analytics and affinity data.

Teen births fell by 69% from the mil­len­ni­al rate in 2000 to the Gen Z rate in 2020.

41% of Gen Z say Instagram is their preferred social media platform for following brands. Over a quarter (26%) use their phones for 10 or more hours. It’s not just that Generation Z enjoys early access to smartphones; this also creates a sort of dependence on these devices. 29% of Gen Z are on their phones after midnight every night, and 31% feel uncomfortable if they are without their phone for 30 minutes or less. These Generation Z trends that show extensive reliance on phones might be interpreted as unhealthy but also provide the surest way for businesses to target young customers. Most Gen Z-ers have never experienced the dial-up internet connections Millennials and older generations first encountered during their internet journeys.

Key facts about gen Z

57% of Gen Zs who plan on switching careers say they’re not satisfied with their employers’ efforts to make a positive societal impact. 52% also say they’re not happy with their employers’ efforts to create a diverse best crypto trading platform and inclusive work environment. Finally, 56% say their employers fail in their commitment to sustainability. 32% of Gen Zs say that a good work-life balance is a top reason they work for their current employer.

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With this, you can get an in-depth explanation of the different strategies you can use to attract customers and boost conversions. 40% of Gen Z revealed that the pandemic has impacted their mental health. Nowadays, mobile devices are no longer limited to texting and calling. The iGen utilizes these gadgets as if they were mini computers. All they need is an internet connection, and they can practically do everything from work to shopping straight from their phone. Generation Z consumer data show that brands are increasingly struggling to meet the demands of iGen consumers.

Key facts about gen Z

Schedule content, reply to comments and DMs, launch ad campaigns, and measure your ROI all in one place. Although 46% of Gen Z lives paycheck to paycheck, 64% will still pay a premium for sustainable products. This underscores how important climate change is to Gen Z and the personal responsibility they feel to make a difference.

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On one hand, Gen Zers want to engage with companies that make a difference in the world. Yet their daily purchase decisions are more likely to be shaped by Kim Kardashian and less by trustworthy leaders and product quality. If data gauging consumer sentiment about their work and the companies they buy from is any indication, then members of Generation Z could apply that Z tozig-zag. They are especially vulnerable and want to improve in softer skills like ethics/integrity, interpersonal relations, and confidence; according to generation z education statistics. For comparison, in 2002, 72% of millennials of the same aged were already working.

Key facts about gen Z

Suggesting that this generation highly values personal interactions, with 60% of responders confirming they wish to communicate more with businesses via messaging. The social network’s research further shows that brands can attract post-millennials by offering behind-the-scenes content or exclusive experiences. Along with the constant presence of the internet, these users have also lived with widespread cybercrime around them from an early age, making them extra-cautious, Gen Z statistics indicate. A preference for authenticity and a realistic narrative means that Generation Z has a soft corner for influencer marketing specialists.

Shopping Behavior of Generation Z Statistics

With Gen Z having such enormous spending power, one might ask how exactly this generation shops. Do they have a tendency to spend more or less than millennials? WordStream by LocaliQ https://xcritical.com/ is your go-to source for data and insights in the world of digital marketing. Check out our award-winning blog, free tools and other resources that make online advertising easy.

A major­i­ty of Black, Amer­i­can Indi­an and Lati­no Gen Zers are low-income.

When possible, enlist the help of trusted Baby Boomers in your discipleship efforts. Besides caution, two other major similarities between the two generations are their entrepreneurial tendencies and their prioritization of their careers. Women also had children at an average younger age than any other generation. Men tended to stay at their jobs for their whole lives.

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